Remotely Manage your Dante Devices 

Dante Director is a cloud-based SaaS application that enables you to organize and manage Dante devices from logical groups, manage user access, secure your devices, and remotely manage one or more Dante networks.  

We invite you to test Dante Director Beta with your Dante AV network. Designed to meet the AV networking needs of modest Dante networks, Dante Director Beta supports up to 50 Dante devices. Upgrade your unmanaged Dante network with Dante Director today. 

Remote management

Manage your network and monitor the status of your devices from any location with any web browser. Monitor Dante device clocking, connectivity, and latency for one or more physical IP networks from a convenient online dashboard.  

Remote control

Remotely launch Dante Controller to manage, update and reconfigure your Dante Device subscriptions. No more need to physically plug laptops into the local network to access and configure device subscriptions and routing.  

Secure your Dante Network

Add your devices to Dante Director to enable user authentication for device access, control and management. Only authorized users can connect, modify device subscriptions and monitor media flow.  

Organize your Dante Devices

Collect and organize your devices in logical groups, without respect to physical network constraints. Break large physical subnets down into manageable, logical groups. Create multiple, easily configurable logical rooms out of large physical networks and spaces.  

Controller Connected

Dante Director is tightly connected with Dante Controller, enabling you to manage remote networks with your local copy of Dante Controller.   

Integrator friendly

Manage and monitor discrete customer networks from any remote location with your web browser, requiring fewer onsite visits to resolve customer issues.  

Dante Director Beta Includes 

  • Browser-based remote device management 
  • Manage up to 50 Dante endpoints 
  • Remotely control Dante device subscriptions 
  • Secure your Dante network 
  • Manage user accounts & access 
  • Remotely manage Dante networks 
  • Fast and easy setup  
  • Mobile-friendly user interface 
  • Access to the Dante Managed API for custom development 
  • No complicated hypervisor or VM required 
  • Free Beta trial – No credit card required* 

Already have a Dante Director Beta account? Login to your Dante Director account here

Getting started with Dante Director

Dante Director is designed for users with any size network to get up and running quickly.

To get a full understanding of the process of adding Dante devices and managing them with Director, take a few minutes to watch this video that covers the fundamentals of getting started.

*Dante Director Beta is free-of-charge for up to 50 devices. The Beta period begins on November 14, 2023 and will last until the product is launched (expected the first quarter of 2024.) At the end of the Beta period, Beta users will be given the opportunity to keep existing accounts for a modest monthly SaaS fee.