Tiny footprint. Solid punch.

The Dante Ultimo chip extends Dante networking to endpoint products such as powered speakers, amplifiers, wall plates and break-out boxes.

Ultimo has a tiny footprint, but packs a solid punch, delivering up to 4x4 channels at 44.1 and 48 kHz, or 2x2 channels at 88.2 and 96 kHz.

As with all Audinate products, Ultimo has been designed for quick and easy integration, and is supported by a comprehensive network-side API and a range of control interfaces.

Ultimo enables Audinate customers to design and deliver leading-edge Dante products across the entire audio hardware landscape.The accompanying Dante Ultimo PDK (Product Development Kit)  is a fully-featured, standalone hardware development platform that enables you to familiarise yourself with Dante technology, and facilitates the process of designing and testing methods for integrating Dante Ultimo into your own products.

Build with the Dante Advantage

Audinate’s patented Dante networking solution is the product of years of networking expertise, innovation, and technological creativity.

Audinate knows what it takes to deliver great products, and
has built that experience into the Ultimo family of products. Now you can build your products with the Dante advantage more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before, with the most highly-integrated Dante interface to date.

The members of the Ultimo family are fully-featured chips providing a complete, ready-to- use Dante interface for networked audio products requiring low channel-count support. High integration minimizes component count, reduces costs, and enables space-constrained networked devices. Ultimo brings Dante networking to the widest range of products.

Meet the Ultimo Family

•  The UXT-01-002 chip is fully pin and feature backwards-compatible with the ULT-01-002, and the UXT-01-004 chip is fully pin and feature backwards-compatible with ULT-01-004.
•  UXT-01-002 and UXT-01-004 are recommended for new designs.

•  ULT-01-002 and ULT-01-004 are only available to existing licensees for existing products.

Easy to Use

Get Dante’s legendary flexibility and easy setup into your products, and set your customers’ imaginations aflame.

The Dante Ultimo family supports all the features that have driven widespread adoption of Dante technology: Auto-discovery of devices, label-based routing of signals, true plug-and-play operation, and of course superb audio performance over standard networks that can freely share all types of data.

Dante Controller software provides simple point-and-click network setup between Ultimo devices and any other Dante-enabled products.

Tiny Chip. Big Toolbox.

The Audinate Ultimo Family includes a complete toolkit that allows you to fully integrate Dante into your designs.

Dante Ultimo may have a tiny footprint, but it offers a comprehensive set of tools, options and possibilities. Simple audio interfacing, and a rich set of control interfaces support even the most sophisticated networked audio products.

Serial audio interfacing with I2S allows direct connection to a wide variety of audio components (e.g. powered speakers, microphones, ADC, DAC, DSP, Class-D amps, etc).

In combination with the recommended clock synthesis circuitry, an Ultimo design can meet the most stringent requirements for audio quality, and can operate as a master clock for a network of Dante devices. The built-in RMII Ethernet interface supports the most cost-effective Ethernet PHY solutions available today, and Power Over Ethernet (POE) designs.

In addition to audio and network interfaces, Ultimo offers a variety of control ports supporting packet bridging control between the network and internal components, via the Dante Control and Monitoring channel, or independently via UDP. Streams of control data (e.g. serial) and control messages can be passed between the network and internal host processors, or DSP chips supporting custom network control protocols. Supported ports include SPI master, SPI slave, or UARTs, and GPIO.

* 44.1 and 48 kHz only

** UXT-01-002 and UXT-01-004 only

Learn more about the Dante Ultimo Product Development Kit (PDK).

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