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Steffens Systems is a German developer and manufacturer of high-quality audio electronics and electronically steered column loudspeakers, with an exemplary reputation stretching back to 1961.

Their outstanding active speaker systems are equipped with powerful DSPs running sophisticated FIR-based beamsteering algorithms. Steffens loudspeakers deliver maximum clarity and speech intelligibility even in the most challenging of acoustic environments.

Steffens Systems has a policy of continuous product improvement utilizing feedback and data not only from its highly experienced in-house engineering team, but also from an extensive base of users worldwide.

Steffens Systems – Evo-NG

Evo-NG is Steffens Systems’ Next Generation of self-powered, modular, electronically steerable column array loudspeaker.

Steffens Systems – Evo-PBS

Evo-PBS is a self-powered, modular, electronically steerable column array speaker with excellent speech intelligibility and sound quality even in difficult acoustic environments.

Steffens Systems – Mastertone 2.0

Mastertone is a modular digital audio mixing matrix with a wide range of signal processing features.