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Shuangln – SLAGC-1200D/IP

The SLAGC-1200D/IP Digital Audio Processor can promptly set IN audio signals within a preset range via DSP digital chipset. It is an effective solution to the unsteadiness of sound volume during broadcasting, or the unbalanced transmission of analog audio signals between different programs.

Shuangln – SLAR-1000

The SLAR-1000 is an audio router with AOIP interfaces. It is designed as a router and audio converter, which converts different signal inputs/outputs. It is widely used in signal distribution and monitoring.

Shuangln – SLAR-2000

The SLAR-2000 Analog/AES to AOIP Router is an audio router with AOIP interfaces. It supports 32 channels of stereo audio inputs, and is designed for multi channel audio monitoring.

Shuangln – SLAS-04BD/IP

The SLAS-04BD/IP Audio Switcher is an intelligent routing switcher for backup signals. Detect and switch between signals intelligently; SLAS-04BD/IP assures the continuouation of smooth broadcasting.

Shuangln – SLAS-0801/IP

The SLAS-0801D/IP Audio Switcher is specially designed for audio routing and switching in programming, broadcasting, master control and transmission. Widely used in radio stations, security centers, traffic systems, etc. It is the key piece of equipment for fully automatic broadcasting and control.
SLAS-0801D/IP is equipped with an AOIP interface- connect AOIP networks for broadcasting or monitoring.

Shuangln – SLAS-1616/IP/MADI

The SLAS-1616/IP/MADI is an Audio Routing Mixer with Dante and MADI interfaces that supports up to 16 channels of stereo inputs/outputs.

Shuangln – SLAS-3232/IP/MADI

The SLAS-3232/IP/MADI is an Audio Routing Mixer with Dante and MADI interfaces that supports up to 32 channels of stereo inputs/outputs.

Shuangln – SLBD-100D/IP

The SLBD100D/IP Audio Broadcast Delay is specially designed for safe broadcasting, while remaining cost-effective. 

Shuangln – SLDB-5000

The SLDB5000 is an intuitive, modular audio mixing console designed for use in broadcasting. 

Shuangln – SLMB-6000

The SLMB6000 Audio Automation & Mixing Console is an all in one automation system with audio capture, editing, recording, live broadcasting, emergency radio broadcasting, audio processing, scheduling, and transmission functions.