Products from RAmi Audio, Powered by Dante

RAmi audio – JOKER

The JOKER is a three-commentator unit. It includes all the features needed for sports commentators, such as making the antenna, sends and returns as well as monitoring talkback individually configurable.

The JOKER has an IP port and an embedded web server. This allows both the specific programming of the equipment in controls and secondly to […]

RAmi audio – PCS310

The PCS310 is a built-in headphone amplifier with DANTE connectivity.

Communication is via an RJ45 network cable, carrying both audio information and power (PoE).The headphone output is on the front panel.The PCS310 manages 2 DANTE audio channels as input:• The left channel for the headphone amplifier.• The right channel for the headphone amplifier.

Applications:PCS310 is […]

RAmi audio – PRF75D

The PRF75D is an active headphone amplifier, because of its design this active headphone amplifier is very easily integrable under the studio furniture, without making cuts on the board.

– Communication is provided by an RJ45 network cable, with both audio information and power (PoE)

– The PRF75 D manages 5 DANTE audio channels as […]

RAmi audio – PRT666 D

The PRT666D is a multifunctional microphone desk with Dante connectivity. It has been studied to answer many uses in mobile or permanent installation. It includes:

• A microphone preamp with very low noise, adjustment of the sensitivity and 12 or 48 Volts phantom power.• An ON / OFF switch for setting ON AIR with a […]