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r2p – Netspire IPPA Paging Station

The NetSpire™ IPPA is a network enabled call station. The unit has eight programmable buttons which can be assigned to zone selection, or to initiate system functions such as DVA. The NetSpire IPPA can also be configured to receive intercom and help phone calls.

The unit includes a preview speaker which can be used to […]

r2p – Netspire NAR4c

The NetSpire™ NAR4c is a compact unit providing software controlled digital audio switching between all audio inputs and outputs. The unit provides four digital audio network inputs and outputs, in addition to four balanced audio inputs and outputs. The unit also has eight digital isolated inputs and outputs for external control.

r2p – Netspire Network Audio Controller (NAC)

The NetSpire™ Network Audio Controller (NAC) is an intelligent, network enabled digital audio controller with integrated power amplifiers, digital signal processing, digital voice announcement, analogue input and output and digital I/O control signals. The device supports a large number of integrated functions greating reducing installation cost and system footprint.