Products from Monacor, Powered by Dante

Monacor – AKB-160DT

The well-known and reliable amplifier systems PA‑900 and AKB‑160 now feature a 2-channel Dante™ module which turns them into Dante™ instreamers for versatile applications.

Monacor – AKB-30DT/DSP

Monacor’s AKB-30DT/DSP is a Class D mono mixing amplifier with integrated Dante® module and DSP technology.

Monacor – DADC-144DT

Monacor’s DADC-144DT is a 4-channel Dante® transceiver.

Monacor – DMIX-20

The digital mixer DMIX-20 from IMG STAGELINE impresses with an intuitive operating concept of the well thought-out user surface. Due to the compact design, it is also ideally suited for applications on smaller to medium-sized stages and for your home studio. The device quickly impresses musicians, DJs and live sound mixers. Combined with an external […]

Monacor – DMIX-20DANTE

The DMIX-20DANTE is a module for integrating the digital mixer DMIX-20 into a Dante™ network.

Monacor – DRM-884

Monacor’s DRM-884 is s general solution for versatile multi-room PA concepts with fixed installations in hotels, restaurants and bars, conference rooms, schools, sports and fitness centres.

The matrix system DRM-884 is a professional tool with extensive features which easily meets any requirement: users can combine signal sources, play one source in several zones or several sources […]

Monacor – DRM-884DTM

DRM-884DTM is a Dante® module for inserting audio matrix router DRM-884 into a Dante® network.

Audio transmission via Ethernet using Dante® protocol

8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs

Easy signal control via network technology

Mini PCI plug-in board

Connections: 2 x RJ45

Monacor – DSM-48DT

Due to the Dante™ interface, it is possible to conveniently integrate the speaker management system DSM-48DT as a 2-channel receiver into a Dante™ audio network. Both of the Dante™ signals are available for the input channels IN3 and IN4, alternatively to the analogue inputs and the digital input.

Monacor – DTRA-2

The DTRA-2 is a Dante I/O box, for converting Dante streams into analogue audio signals. 

Monacor – DTTA-2

The DTTA-2 is a Dante I/O box, for converting analogue audio signals into Dante streams. 

Monacor – ECM-300DT

The wired, Dante®-enabled gooseneck microphone can conveniently be integrated into a Dante® Audio over IP network and provides an excellent voice transmission for fixed installations in shops, hotels, in pubs and restaurants, in schools or indoor sports facilities. The installation is quite easy: the desktop microphone is connected to the network via the RJ45 jack and […]

Monacor – EDL-80DT

The Monacor EDL-80DT is an active 2-way flush-mount ceiling speaker with integrated DANTE® module.

Monacor – ETS-630DT

The Monacor ETS-630DT is an active PA column speaker with integrated DANTE® module.

Monacor – IT-400DT

Monacor’s IT-400DT is a weatherproof active horn speaker (music horn), 2-way technology.

Monacor – MDF-12Z

MondeF 2-zone network audio server (Dante®) for professionally streaming Dante® audio data. Equipped with 2 Dante® outputs, 8 Dante® inputs. The server is completely pre-configured with MondeF software, drivers and the Audinate Dante® software for use with Dante® audio products.