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Leonis Cinema – AES367

AES367 is a bridge between AES/EBU and AOIP, it can convert 16-channel AES/EBU balance input into AES67 signal and reversely.

Leonis Cinema – DAC-OBiA

DAC-OBiA is designed for converting digital audio signal to analog audio signal up to 32 channels.

Leonis Cinema – DCAP-OBiA

DCAP-OBiA is the world’s first OBIA processor compliant with DCI/SMPTE Standard and FIPS-140 Level Security.

Leonis Cinema – SMA-OBIA

LIDSA32 (Immersive Digital Surround Amplifier-32 Channels) belongs to digital input CLASS-D power amplifier, digital interface access system, it adopts digital processing method in the whole process of signal processing and power amplification, in order to promote the speaker ,it uses low-pass filter to extract the analog audio signal in the CLASS.