Products from LAWO, Powered by Dante

Lawo – 2x Dante I/O

The perfect way to connect to Dante networks. Dual-redundant ports give access to a total of 64 Dante streams.
This interface card is used with Lawo’s Power Core and Power Core RP.

Lawo – mc²56

This 3rd generation of the mc² 56 represents the next step in the evolution of a console that has dominated the audio production industry with hundreds of units in operation around the world. Designed to deliver unrivaled innovation, it provides not just pure and simple access to ultimate performance – it’s a global standard redefined.

Lawo – mc²96

With the mc²96, the mc² platform is pushed beyond limitations, culminating in a pure, unparalleled audio production tool dedicated to those who can tell the difference. Whether its intended to be used in broadcast, theater or recording – in each of these applications it stands out with a unique set of features.

Lawo – Power Core

Power Core has an amazing amount of HD MADI and AES67 I/O on the front panel. 384 stereo channels, to be exact. And there’s more around back: 8 expansion slots, ready for your choice of optional mic, line, AES3, MADI, Dante, and Studio I/O cards (details below). There’s even an internal routing matrix to keep […]

Lawo – Power Core RP

The Power Core RP is a fully featured Remote Production solution for mc² audio consoles with integrated modular I/O, DSP and IP streaming capabilities