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Lance Design – ADX-2400M

Lance Design

The ADX-2400M MADI Network Interface accepts a MADI stream as its local inputs, and outputs a MADI stream as its local outputs, making integration with the truck’s or studio’s audio system fast and simple.

The 24 local inputs and outputs use 24 of the 64 available MADI channels, and may be configured to use channels 1-24 or 33-56. All other MADI channels pass through the unit. This allows two ADX-2400Ms to be used in tandem on a single MADI stream.

Both optical and coax MADI inputs and outputs are available. The optical I/O uses a standard SFP module, so it may be configured for multi-mode or single-mode fiber, with wavelength and power parameters of the customer’s choice.

These units may serve as the ‘truck end’ of ADX networked announce systems, or with other 2400s for transmission or distribution, or to provide a network interface for other vendors’ networked products.