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Lance Design – ADX-2400D

Lance Design

The ADX-2400D is the AES version of the ADX system head-end unit. It provides the network interface for 24 channels of AES digital audio in each direction (inputs and outputs). This unit may be used as the ‘truck end’ of an announce booth system using ADX-120s and ADX-140s, may be used with other ADX-2400s to create a networked transmission system, or may be used stand-alone as a high-quality, compact 24-channel delay unit.

In the Announce Booth mode each ADX-2400D supports up to four remote devices, either the ADX-120s or ADX-140s in any combination.  Multiple ADX-2400s (analog and/or AES) may be operated on the same network to expand system capabilities to meet any required system configuration.