Products from HEDD, Powered by Dante


The HEDD B1 Dante module enables HEDD studio monitors to perform in Dante networks. It can be inserted into an input slot located on the back panel of each monitor.

HEDD – Series ONE Type 05

HEDD’s Type 05 studio monitor has a compact size is the ideal choice for mobile broadcast stations, recording studios, multichannel-setups, and VoIP conferences. By inserting the HEDD Dante B1 input card into the input slot located on the back of the speaker, it can be turned into a real Dante device. 

HEDD – Series ONE Type 07

HEDD’s Type 07 is a professional analog studio monitor, able to perform in Dante networks (when inserting the HEDD B1-Dante input module). 

HEDD – Series ONE Type 20

The HEDD Type 20 is a fully-fledged 3-way-system stuffed into a sleek and small footprint cabinet.

HEDD – Series ONE Type 30

The HEDD Type 30 is an exceptional analog midfield monitor that will satisfy professional studio needs and desires. Like the entire HEDD studio monitor Series ONE it can be turned into a powerful Dante device (all you need is the HEDD B1-Dante input module).