Products from Elytone, Powered by Dante

Elytone – EAN-DA8X8

Elytone’s EAN-DA8X8 is a Dante-embedded preamp.

Elytone – EWD-EB01

Elytone’s EWD-EB01 Dante audio interface with Bluetooth/Wifi is a premium multi-IO wall plate. It features stereo Bluetooth wireless audio input connectivity along with a 3.5mm analog input. The audio input will be converted into 2 channels of signal for Dante network.

Elytone – POE-S2MB/SB

Elytone’s POE-S2MB/SB an in-ceiling speaker system with Dante Ultimo embeded; The POE-S2MB/SB utilizes PoE (802.3bt) to generate maxmium 60 watt (peak) output.