Products from Electro Voice, Powered by Dante

Electro-Voice – NetMax Dante Audio Module DM-1

32 in, 32 out Dante interface card for EV Netmax

Electro-Voice – Netmax N8000

The NetMax N8000 System Controller is a state-of-the-art digital matrix system offering comprehensive management of all aspects of professional sound reinforcement systems. Supporting both distributed and central processing, NetMax is a powerful physical complement to EV’s IRIS-Net protocol, which gives designers and end-users the industry’s most flexible routing, DSP, and component-level system control and supervision. EQ, […]

Electro-Voice – RCM-28

The RCM-28 Remote Control Module is a two-channel digital controller module for live sound reinforcement, PA and fixed installation applications. The module can be used in Electro-Voice Tour Grade amplifier models. Installing the RCM-28 turns a conventional amp into a remote amplifier, which, at any time, provides complete overview of the overall system status and […]

Electro-Voice – RCM-28

The RCM-28 is a dual-channel digital control module with DSP processing capability equivalent to one channel of the Electro-Voice Dx46 system processor. With an RCM-28 module installed, a Tour Grade amplifier’s network and system parameters can be completely supervised and controlled remotely through IRIS-Net.
The RCM-28 remote control module is the first EV product to support […]

Electro-Voice – TG5

2000 W per channel power amplifier.

Electro-Voice – TG7

3500 W per channel power amplifier.