Dante-enabled Products

Audio Recorders / Players
Aaton-Digital – Cantar X3

24 tracks digital on-site audio recorder with embedded mixer plate, intuitive interface and a optional Dante board with 32 channels input and output.

Analog and Digital Inputs

12 analog inputs on XLRs

8 low noise mic preamps with very high quality transformer, 48V Phantom, limiters and filters

4 analog line inputs

Multiple AES digital inputs includes […]

Aaton-Digital – CantarMini

16 track ultra portable mixer-recorder

Alcorn McBride – RidePlayer

RidePlayer provides an elegant solution to many of the unique challenges encountered with implementing vehicle-based (“on-board”) audio and show control for themed attractions.

AtlasIED – IED5400LL

TheAtlasIED5400LL is lifeline announcement controller with built-in message server capability that is the core of an EN54-16 compliance life/safety emergency notification system that is designed to offer redundancy in the event the mainAtlasIED5400ACS fails.


The XMP44 is a professional modular audio system with 4 SourceCon™ interface card slots whereto a wide variation of optional modules can be installed. The variety of available modules ranges from FM tuners to DAB&DAB+ tuners, internet radio tuners, voice file interfaces and many more.
The flexible architecture allows any project combination up to four […]

Canam Technology – VAR-3 Digital Recorder and Override Controller

The VAR3 is the state of the art computer based digital recorder and emergency voice override controller.

The VAR3 has pre-recorded broadcast capabilities for simultaneous transmission on all local AM and FM broadcast stations.

Multiple independent channels are provided to allow different messages to be broadcasted to different traffic zones (for example, different tunnels). Multiple […]


The BLACKBOX BBR64-DANTE RECORDER is designed to record and replay up to 64 channels of audio data from a Dante network. It records at 44.1kHz and 48kHz directly to Broadcast WAV files on an external USB2 drive. (Higher sample rate recording is also accommodated at a reduced track count.)

JoeCo – Blackbox BBR1MP Recorder

Based on JoeCo’s award-winning BlackBox Recorder technology, the new BlackBox BBR1MP Recorder is a stand-alone, live, multi-channel audio acquisition solution primarily designed with the broadcast engineer and location sound recordist in mind.
The 24-channel recorder offers all the standard BlackBox features as well as 24 high-quality microphone preamps, operating at up to 24bit/96kHz, which are […]

Sound Devices – 888

The 888 is the smallest portable mixer-recorder on the market that offers Dante for sending and receiving audio over Ethernet.

Sound Devices – 970

Sound Devices model 970 is a robust, 64-track Dante and MADI-equipped multi-track audio recorder. The half rack, 2U device simplifies applications requiring high-track-count, high-quality audio recordings.

Sound Devices – Scorpio

Scorpio is a premium, portable, 32 channel, 36 track mixer-recorder and the most powerful product ever designed by Sound Devices. 

TASCAM – DA-6400

The DA-6400 is a cCompact 64-channel digital multitrack recorder/player for Live and Broadcast applictions.


The SS-CDR250N is a networkable solid-state/CD recorder/player with a variety of remote control options for professional applications like in broadcast studios or fixed installations.


The SS-R250N is a networkable solid-state recorder/player with a variety of remote control options for professional applications like in broadcast studios or fixed installations.

Televic – Dante Card

The Dante™ Audio Networking Card is a plug-in card that fits in the uniCOS CU. It provides a standardised connection to other Dante enabled devices. 

Zaxcom – DEVA 24

Deva 24 introduces a completely new recording and mixing system that delivers unsurpassed audio quality and control.