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airplain is a a small Swiss manufacturer which is building outstanding phase linear speaker systems. airplain is designing and manufacturing active main speaker systems as well as ceiling and wall speaker systems with 19″ DSP-Amplifiers and dedicated FIR-Filtering.

airplain – phli mini

Fullrange phase linear active speaker system with almost perfect impulse response. Two 7″ ultra long throw woofers, 1x 4″ ultra low distortion midrange, 1 x swissmade A.M.T. Heil® Tweeter.

airplain – phli u

The phli u is an active dsp controlled speaker system. Linear phase behavior above 100 Hz garantees nearly prefect impulse response. The massive stainless steel cabinet accommodates two 8.75″ ultra long throw woofers , one 7″ midrange and a A.M.T.-Heil® tweeter.