The AIMLINE AL 4.1PoE column speaker is powered by a POE+ network amplifier with two channel Dante input. No external power supply is required.Thanks to the use of a high efficiently power supply this amplifier is rated with 30 Watts RMS / 60 Watts peak (using a PoE+switch). The enclosure is equipped with 4 x 3,5” speaker and 1” HF driver in a biamped system.The internal powerful 96 kHz DSP gives access to gain, delay, 10-Bd EQ with IIR filter and 24 internal presets. The PANC software controls the DSP in an IP network. This system will solve the issue of having to provide a separate amplifier or I/O interfaces for speaker installations using just a single CAT cable over long distances. This assembly can be used in wide range of projects in multi zones for speech and background music applications.