NetworkedAV TV Episodes

Audinate's new video series features interviews with AV professionals and real-world projects that utilize Dante AV-over-IP networking. Join hosts Tasha Danner and Audinate's Joshua Rush as they explore the intersection of AV and IT and its effect on the industry through the eyes of its practitioners.

Episode 8 of NetworkedAV TV features an interview with Tim Habedank, AV Technical Manager at Parsons Electric LLC and the integrator for the Minnesota Twins at Target Field. An early adopter of Dante, Tim lists some of the benefits of Dante audio networking. He also discusses the IT and AV problems that were solved at Target Field in Minnesota with Dante Domain Manager, including its ability to route Dante transparently across multiple subnets.

On episode 7 of NetworkedAV TV, Ben Diger, Broadcast Engineer with Star Studio at Children's Minnesota, discusses the challenges of broadcasting live content and recording between two studios located in Minneapolis and St. Paul. He highlights the advantages of Dante audio networking, including its simplicity and reliability

For episode 6 of NetworkedAV TV, hosts Tasha Danner and Josh Rush sit down with Roland Hemming, Principal at RH Consulting. With over 30 years of professional audio experience, including very large projects (known as mega projects), he is very early adopter of Dante. Roland describes the many benefits of using Dante, including the overall availability of Dante-enabled products in terms of sheer number and across product categories.

For episode 5 of NetworkedAV TV, hosts Tasha Danner and Audinate's Josh Rush interview Casi Pacilio, sound designer at Portland Center Stage. Casi describes the demands of working as the resident sound designer for a theater company that stages multiple musicals at once, and credits Dante with the audio system's flexibility and ease of use. She goes on to explain the exciting possibilities that Dante Domain Manager can offer for a theater audio system, including monitoring and security.

Hosts Tasha Danner and Audinate's Josh Rush welcome Vice President of Systems Integration of CCI Systems Duke Dejong for episode 4 of NetworkedAV TV! Duke talks about Dante's pivotal role in the church, entertainment & presentation projects CCI Solutions has completed in the last few years. He discusses the recent changes that have undergone the AV industry, and points to Dante Domain Manager as a major future solution for the convergence of AV and IT.

This video interviews Audio Systems Engineer of Willow Creek Community Church, Matt Wentz. The Willow Creek campus is a 800,000 square foot facility with 4-5 large venues and many smaller classrooms and venues that are regularly used, so the audio needs are very unique. As an early adopter of Dante, Matt discusses the many benefits of Dante over the years -- including ease of use and configuration -- and the increasing need for strong relationships between AV and IT departments.

This week's episode features systems engineer Kurt Bevers of Delta AV, an AV systems integration firm in Gresham, Oregon that specializes in complex design build projects. He highlights the advantages of Dante AV-over-IP networking, including its simplicity and reliability..

Join Hosts Tasha Danner and Audinate's Joshua Rush for the premier episode of NetworkedAV TV. This week's episode features AV design engineer David Emmert with McKinstry, a large design firm that was recently tasked with upgrading and expanding a casino AV system and incorporating Dante AV-over-IP networking.