12th Man Productions Provides Access to All Texas A&M Fans Thanks to Dante and Dante Domain Manager

Dante AV-over-IP is based on common IT standards, enabling Dante to run
alongside data traffic on networks comprised of readily available conventional
switches and cabling.

Addressing Dante Devices

Dante devices use DHCP for addressing when available or will auto-assign an IP address in the range on the primary network and on the secondary network if DHCP is not available. Dante devices continue to look for a DHCP server even after auto-assigning an IP address. Most Dante devices support static IP addressing.

Audio Transport and Expected Bandwidth:

The majority of audio used in professional settings is PCM (uncompressed), sampled at 48 kHz and a bit depth (word length) of
24 bits. Dante audio is unicast by default but can be set to use multicast for cases of one-to-many distribution.

  • Dante packages audio into flows to save on network overhead.
  • Unicast Audio flows contain up to 4 channels. The samples-per-channel can vary between 4 and 64, depending on the
  • latency setting of the device. Bandwidth usage is about 6 Mbps per typical unicast audio flow.
  • Bandwidth for multicast flows is dependent on the number of audio channels used. Bandwidth is about 1.5 Mbps
  • per channel.
  • Dante audio cannot be sent over Wi-Fi.
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